Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear for an appointment?

Where possible I work around and through clothing using more advanced techniques that require friction or pressures and as such I recommend loose fitting clothing such as running shorts and top or very thin clothing such as sports leggings.

Certain techniques will require direct access to your skin but all times your modesty and dignity are of upmost importance.

Who can benefit from massage?

Massage is beneficial to almost everybody and enables the body to move more effectively. There are a very limited number of medical conditions that could mean that I am unable to treat you and these are pregnancy, cancer, thrombosis, blood clots or uncontrolled hypotension.

How do I pay for treatment?

You can pay by cash on the day, bank transfer or by card. Both visa and mastercard are accepted.

Can I have treatment after surgery?

Absolutely. It is likely you will be given a rehabilitation plan post surgery detailing when you can begin therapy and exercise. I am trained in a number of techniques that work alongside this plan to complement your recovery process.